HEIM – The Party Wall Surveyors


Feel like you are falling and are unsure of what to do? Or, do you lack support and
guidance to progress in your career?

heim Surveyor Training provides mentoring, training and coaching for AssocRICS,
assessment of professional competence (APC) and senior professional assessment
(SPA) candidates to gain RICS membership.

With a RICS APC/SPA panel Chair & Assessor on staff who is also an experienced
Counsellor, we focus purely on the Residential pathway as this is our specialism. We
cover every competency right up to level 3.

Our Services

We are able to offer mentoring and training on all Residential pathway competencies as well as specific APC/SPA areas of concern. Cost £125.00 per hour.

An independent Residential pathway APC, or SPA, Assessor will review your written submissions prior to Final Assessment. This will include the diary, log book, summary of experience and CPD record. Feedback will then be given via email, normally with comments or track changes to your submission to help you develop your document further or where to get you back on track.

Taking circa 3 hours per review we are also able to encompass any previous referral report feedback into our comments too.

Cost: £275.00

Ten minutes at the start of your RICS APC or SPA interview is given to your
presentation and thereafter questions are posed of you on the presentation itself. For many candidates the presentation can make or break their interview and for that reason it is imperative you practice the presentation and gain quality feedback on how to put yourself forward in the best light.
Our presentation practice starts with a review of your submission document which is then followed by a 1 hour zoom session for you to practice your presentation multiple times with real-time feedback given after each attempt.

Cost: £150.00

We will review your final submission document then provide you with a large set of potential APC / SPA interview questions.

The questions will specifically cover all of your competencies at the declared Levels 1, 2 or 3 with questions formed from your submission. They will also cover the ethics and mandatory parts of the interview too.

Cost: £250.00

The APC (or SPA) interview is a peer lead holistic overview of a candidate. Our
mock interview will help you to understand fully the process, learn how to answer difficult questions, show where your weaknesses are and improve your chances of passing.

Arranged at a convenient time our experienced APC & SPA panel Chair/Assessor will review your submission in full, then conduct a mock interview with you via zoom in the same style and format as the real thing before giving you guidance and feedback post interview.

Cost: £250.00

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